Tula software is a web based software application that allows yoga studios to run every aspect of their business with ease. Tula can be accessed via any modern web browser, and also comes complete with companion iPhone and iPad applications. 

With Tula you can store customer information, record purchases, assign credits, record attendances, charge credit cards, handle online registrations and payments, manage special events and memberships, get waivers signed and a whole lot more.

The core of Tula, around which pretty much everything in our system revolves, are People, Passes and Classes.  People buy passes. Passes give people the rights to attend classes.

This simple but powerful concept drives almost everything inside our software. It is the relationship between people, the passes they have purchased, and the classes they attend that make up the foundation of our system.

Once you understand people, passes and classes, everything else tends to neatly fall into place. There are of course a host of individual features built upon this foundation, and it's these features that will help you run your business smoothly.